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!Free ☩ Lirael ⚔ Lirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr At , she is still unable to See the future like the others, With only her faithful companion, the Disreputable Dog, she must undertake a desperate mission under the growing shadow of an ancient evil I was listening to the last few chapters on audiobook (bless Tim Curry and his downright villainous voice) and had my eyes closed, and when that epilogue reveal happened, my eyes shot open like I was a Dead thing come back to consciousness.The first 100 or so pages of this didn't entirely hook me, as we had a new protagonist and not a whole lot happened But once it really got going, I was very invested Lirael and Sameth were fantastic protagonists and I loved them both so much Garth Nix is phenomenal at writing characters that act their age without being annoying or cliche Even Sabriel and Prince Pinocchio aka Touchstone were recognizably the same people, despite so many years having passed since the first book.The animal sidekicks in this once again utterly stole the show As usual, Mogget was A, but the Disreputable Dog was new and just as awesome And their dynamic was golden I absolutely adored everything about it.The world in this never ceases to amaze me It has that classic fantasy feel, with talking animal familiars and children's rhymes containing vital plot details It has something that is all too lacking in current YA fantasy, which is bogged down by all the assassins and love interests and ~witty sarcasm~ This is simple and atmospheric, with relatable but brave characters and a beautifully realized world I wantof this in my fantasy.My one big gripe is that I am extremely confused about the nature of the rest of the world, outside of the Old Kingdom, like in Ancelstierre There are numerous references to things that exist in our world, and not just simple things like specific sports, but complex stuff like Puss in Boots that have a lot to do with history Is it to be assumed that Giovanni Francesco Straparola was also a guy in this universe?Read this review andon my blog here! 4.5 stars When I started this, I was way excited another epic story in this cool magical world with TIM CURRY narrating, again The first section was great We meet Lirael, who is a loner and has trouble being around other people and communicating She is a Daughter of the Clayr, but doesn't have the power of sight, she is an outcast.She finds a place to work where she might belong the library! and comes across a new, wonderful friend: The Disreputable Dog I love TDD So fun, so funny, stole the show! (Similar to what Mogget did in the first book.)But then, Part Two happens Sam Let me see how can I describe Sam Spoiled Prince Weak Spineless Full of fear Cowardly His one good trait is loyalty and wanting to help his friend I give him credit for that.He is the Abhorsenintraining, but doesn't want to be He is scared shirtless of his magic and ability and wants NOTHING to do with it I just couldn't stand him And most of the entire middle section was ALL.ABOUT.HIM.Maybe this is a reflection of the difference in my age and the target audience It is difficult for me to handle immature behavior But, he is/was like 19 or so, and raised to high standards as an heir You kind of expectI did, at least I wanted aheroic character instead of a whiner We get flashes of Lirael POVs and those were all good It just lost momentum for me and the pacing never picked up I felt like the book was way too long.I am glad that Sam got out of becoming the Abhorsen Please, just put him in the back somewhere and let him play sports or something Makeof his tennis rackets! Write him off, noplease!This may sound harsh, but Sam just really made the book sluggish and BORING to me :/ Lirael = A.The Disreputable Dog and Mogget = A.Getting to seeof Sabriel and Touchstone = A (This takes place many years after book one after they are married and have two children Sam is one of them.)Overall, I didn't hate it I just didn't love it Hopefully, the next one will be better It sort of ended right in the middle of a scene There was no resolution For such a long book, it made it seem a bit like filler But again, it's not bad at all I guess I just didn't click with this one as much as Sabriel. It took me a while to get around to reading this book, even though I rushed out and bought it immediately after finishing Sabriel The up side to that is in the meantime, I'd bought Abhorsen as well That's important Sabriel was a good standalone novel Lirael and Abhorsen are not In fact, I'd recommend that before you read Lirael 1) you read Sabriel first and 2) you have a copy of Abhorsen ready to pick up as soon as you finish Lirael Lirael ends in the middle of something, and the two probably could have been combined into one very long novel.Still, I recommend the whole series The characters may not be quite as awesome as Sabriel, but they're still very welldone and the story is wonderful I'll definitely seek outof Garth Nix's books after I finish this series. Actual rating 4.5/5 stars This is the second instalment in the Abhorsen series Whilst Sabriel wrapped up in a satisfactory manner, I still was left with many questions and so was a little disappointed , initially, to find that Lirael takes place fourteen years after the events depicted in book one This disappointment was short lived as I was introduced to the immediately lovable Lirael, daughter of the Clayr but without their infamous sight for future events She is disheartened at her lack of skill and so throws her energy into her new role as librarian and in honing her skill with charter magic She proves adept at both, but not with staying out of trouble or venturing into areas she shouldn't be This proves fortunate, as she happens across an ancient prophecy bearing her name and so begins her adventures that will lead her away from the Clayr's glacier home and any future she had envisioned for herself.The other perspective belonged to Prince Sam He was alike to Lirael in that he did not seem to hold the necessary skills for his perceived future station He differed in that he was willing to do nothing about it but bemoan his fate I struggled to connect with his character on the same level as Lirael's but I did enjoy the adventures he also went on, and seeing them intertwine with Lirael's.This book was made complete by the return of Mogget, the free magic being forced into catshaped snarky servitude, and the new addition of The Disreputable Dog, a currently dogshaped being from before the charter was made He is farwilling to aid his current companions but has a farmurkier past I am looking forward to puzzling out these secrets in the coming series instalments!Despite this entire book leading to a future adventure and solving none of the current mysteries or overcoming any of the enemies lurking close at hand, this did not suffer from any sort of middlebooksyndrome The plot was fastmoving, evenso than in book one where the skills of charter magic and necromancy were introduced, and largely unguessable in trajectory I foresee book three, Abohrsen, to wrap up these dilemmas and the series to be nothing but action, from here on out. [4.5 Stars]Way better than the first one! While the Abhorsen series continues to thrive on its magic and worldbuilding, the characterisation in Lirael is unfortunately not up to par with its predecessor, Sabriel It does appear that Sabriel is written almost like a standalone, as this sequel takes place almost one and a half decade after the events in the first book with two new main characters; Lirael, a daughter of the Clayr and Prince Sameth, the son of Sabriel and Touchstone Both characters demonstrate the typical angst and insecurity of teenagers; one who bemoans the absence of a power that is the birthright of her race and the other who decries the responsibility thrust upon him because of his birthright and powers If I have to choose, I will say Lirael is definitely theaggravating one While the other Clayrs of ages younger than Lirael started gaining the power of Seeing, she remained an outcast as she continues to well into her teenage years without even a hint of it However, it turns out that she is very adept at Charter magic and has the ability learn quickly and perform marvellous feats which most others cannot BUT just because she cannot See, her anxiety that she will never fully be one of the Clayrs grates on her selfconfidence and my patience The appearance of the Disreputable Dog a creature of magic was a welcome change to Lirael's story Not accepting her constant selfbelittling, the Dog prods her into action that finally takes the direction of her tale towards an intriguing revelation of her potential heritage Prince Sameth (or Sam) may be slightly less annoying but I do feel like giving him a good shake for both his actions and inaction in addressing his debilitating fear of his legacy The Disreputable DogThe highlight of this series so far truly lies in the magic and worldbuilding We learnof the Clayr, a race who appeared briefly in Sabriel, and the birth of the Charter, created out of Free Magic The seven bells used for necromancy and controlling both the living and the dead, which are tied to the creation of the Charter, are just simply fascinating So is the portrayal of Death, which is a river, grey and cold, with currents pulling the dead through the Gates, nine in all before a soul goes beyond any necromancer's ability to be summoned back.The story also started to becomeinteresting when Lirael and Sam eventually encountered each other under grave circumstances This also meant that the Disreputable Dog met Mogget, the cat, who is now accompanying Sam after he stole away from the palace under the guise of an ordinary traveller It was pretty obvious from the start that both these creatures of magic had a history together, and not an entirely pleasant one A delightful turn of events, one might say The common thread that brought Lirael and Sam together is the potential reemergence of an extremely dangerous and powerful entity engineered by a necromancer of considerable strength As we find both our main characters getting to terms with each of their own true legacy, the enemy is moving ever closer to his goal This volume concluded on an unresolved note, with Lirael and Sam both contending with the grim prospect of having to face this new adversary, setting up the stage for the next book, Abhorsen This review can also be found at Booknest “When the Dead do walk, seek water’s run, for this the Dead will always shun Swift river’s best or broadest lake to ward the Dead and haven make If water fails thee, fire’s thy friend; if neither guards, it will be thy end.” Well this was freaking awesome!As a sequel where the main character from Book 1 isn’t the main focus I was a bit worried; but there was no need because Lirael continued the story of the Old Kingdom and the dead fantastically! “The blue hats shaded silver sightless eye sockets, the blue scarves held together rotting heads.” Lirael is part of the Clayr those who can see into the future But Lirael has never received the Sight As she gets older and the Sight still doesn’t appear, her self worth becomes non existent and she retreats into herself “lunging forward and nipping her quite sharply on the leg”what did you do that for?” “You were being pathetic,” said the Dog.” Lirael is so relatable! Hiding out in the library to avoid speaking to anyone, her isolation from the Clayr is palpable and you really feel for her “I’m not sure I can believe what I’m seeing.” “You’d better believe itbecause they’ll kill you whether you believe in them or not.” Meanwhile, Prince Sameth the son of Sabriel and King Touchstone is due to take on his role as the Abhorsen in Waiting to eventually take over from his mother But he is terrified after a hairy situation facing a Necromancer in Death, Sam can think of nothing worse than a life fighting the creatures of the dead “You may not See, but you will Remember And in the Remembering, you will see the hidden past that holds the secrets of the future,” Lirael is eventually sent on a mission by the Clayr and meets Sam while he is on the run This leads to many adventures and some serious twists at the end! The writing is witty, action packed and magical!Overall a non stop thrill ride and I can’t wait to read the next one! “I suppose we’ll end up having to swim for our miserable lives.” When I glance at the reviews for this book, I'm actually surprised Not that people would like this book, but that everyone would like it I thought for sure there would beof a split on it.I mean, the writing is good Nix can put together sentences and his plot is soundly articulated His Old Kingdom is a vast and impressive construct, and his imagination is superb There were even a couple really good scenes in here I justI don't know I couldn't wait for it to end I hated the characters As much as I love Tim Curry as a narrator, even he couldn't save this audiobook Lirael was annoying, and her dog was worse Sam started out alright, but I came to loathe himthan Lirael herself by the end Mogget the cat was pretty good, nearly as enjoyable as he had been in the first book.The first book, which I had liked What happened here? Ahhh, don't know Maybe it's suffering from middle book syndrome Maybe the plot wasn't strong enough to keep my interest with a cast of such lame characters Let's talk about the characters I would not piss on Lirael, Sameth, or the Disreputable Dog if they were on fire.I so much wanted to reach into that story and rip Mogget's collar off, and let him go totally batshit nuts on those three.I didn't even like Hedge I thought I would, but no Fail An Uninteresting Villain, that one I found myself yawning nearly as much as Mogget (maybe that's why I like him).And what's with that ending? (view spoiler)[What, with the Lord Voldemort shit? (hide spoiler)]