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This starts off somewhat intriguing but never really finds it feet The main character was unsympathetic to me after expressing her bullshit opinion about how the political climate is hard on white men Again, no one cares that white men are now facing minor consequences, that largely amount to inconveniences, when they are outed in racist, sexist, antisemtic, transphobic or homophobic statements, actions or policies Relax, white men are still allowed to be bullies, they re just gonna be called bullies when they act like bullies The police won t assassinate them for no reason, their kids won t be held in cages, they ll just be shamed socially I think they are gonna be alright, after all not being a turd is always a choice.The story just kinda goes off the rails and not in a good or intriguing way I never was attached to any of the characters and really barely cared what the mystery was. The title intrigued me from the start Does it mean not looking back Does it mean looking the other way Does it mean keeping your secrets and your past hidden We meet Finn whose real name is Natalie, but she doesn t tell anyone because she wants to hide her past.Finn left her home and moved to Arizona, worked in the office of a Senator s son, and then became the nanny for his four year old daughter.Everyone seemed to have secrets, told lies, were manipulative, and users Some of the characters were also odd but most were selfish.GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR dragged a bit at first, and the story line was difficult to get straight, but the writing and the underlying hints about what was really going on kept me reading as the author has us mingling with the upper crust.The chapters will keep your interest because of the author s skill of inserting subtle facts throughout the chapters and as the chapters end.The story line increased in intensity and twists and kept me rapidly turning the pages to find out what really was going on, what really was happening, who could be trusted, and who was lying.If you enjoy personal and family drama, seeing how the upper crust lives, and what lengths people go to in order to keep something hidden, GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR, will be something to add to your reading list 4 5This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. READ BOOK ☭ Girl in the Rearview Mirror ☹ An Entertainment Weekly Hottest Read Of The Summer A USA Today Hottest Read Of The Week A Refinery Best Thriller Of June A New York Post Best Book Of The Week With Hairpin Twists And Immense Psychological Acuity, Kelsey Rae Dimberg S Girl In The Rearview Mirror Is As Seductive As The Glamorous, Privileged Family At Its Center And As Cunning An Exciting, Intoxicating Debut, It Will Hold You Until Its Startling Final Pages Megan Abbott, Bestselling Author Of Dare Me And Give Me Your HandI Never Meant To Lie That Is, I Never Wanted ToThey Are Phoenix S First Family Handsome Philip Martin, Son Of The Sitting Senator, An Ex Football Player Who Carries Himself With An Easy Grace And Appears Destined To Step Into His Father S Seat When The Time Is Right His Wife Marina, The Stylish And Elegant Director Of Phoenix S Fine Arts Museum And Their Four Year Old Daughter Amabel, Beautiful And Precocious And BelovedFinn Hunt Is Working A Dull Office Job To Pay Off Her College Debt When She Meets Philip And Charms Amabel She Eagerly Agrees To Nanny, Thinking She S Lucked Into The Job Of A Lifetime Though The Glamour Of The Martins Lifestyle Undeniably Dazzles Finn, Her Real Pleasure Comes From Being Part Of The Family Sharing Quick Jokes With Philip In The Kitchen Before He Leaves For Work Staying Late When Marina Needs A Last Minute Sitter And Spending Long Days With Amabel, Who Is Often Treated Like A Photo Op Than A ChildBut Behind Every Fa Ade Lurks A Less Attractive Truth When A Young Woman Approaches Finn, Claiming A Connection With Philip And Asking Finn To Pass On A Message, Finn Becomes Caught Up In A Web Of Deceit With The Senate Seat At Its Center And Finn Isn T Exactly Innocent Herself She Too Has A Background She Has Kept Hidden, And Under The Hot Phoenix Sun, Everything Is About To Be Laid Bare Girl in the Rearview Mirror is a domestic family drama with a political thriller flair This book s slowburning build up really didn t amount to the amount of action I was expecting The characters weren t likable and the plot wasn t anything super original It s definitely a good beach read, but it just wasn t for me. This was slow starting out but when it got good it got really good I did not like the ending at all I must say the good parts were good parts Ha HA Like that But I like Finn the detective is what I like to call her She had her nose in everything.I will be looking for Dimberg s next book.I gave this book 3.5 stars Pick up a copy and let me know what you think about it The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own. in the Rearview Mirror is the exhilarating debut novel from Kelsey Rae Dimberg A book about explosive secrets, a hidden past, extortion and scandal, this is an intense novel that proved to be a perplexing read.Girl in the Rearview Mirror is a story of family secrets, individual lies and a dogged determination to reveal the truth A novel that firmly sits in the thriller genre, this debut from Kelsey Rae Dimberg unveils the story of Finn Hunt Finn is a young woman who is determined to put her past behind her as she takes up a position working for a US Senator Employed as Senator Philip Martin s nanny to her four year old daughter, Finn soon learns that the cushy position she thinks she has landed may not be as easy as she first thought While Finn is tormented by her own past demons, she becomes embroiled in a scandal that lies at the very heart of her employer s family just in time for his re election As Finn works hard to protect her employer and her own past from being exposed on the public floor, this young woman must work hard to protect her life from falling apart.The opening pages of Girl in the Rearview Mirror work to hook the reader right in to this unfolding tale A sense of paranoia and raw unease is established early on in the piece I was intrigued enough to continue to leaf page after page of this novel The pace is timely, and the atmosphere taut Revolving the book around a prominent Senator and the political environment gearing up to an election was also a good choice of background.Kesley Rae Dimberg has created a solid and contrasted cast of characters in her first novel Finn was a perfectly likeable lead, but I did feel like she seemed on the dubious side I don t think I could trust her in real life The same goes for many of the side characters that fill the pages of Girl in the Rearview Mirror There is strong level of mistrust that circulates around them, making it hard to connect and care about their predicament Some of the choices Finn and the supporting cast make are suspect, but this all adds to the unreliability of this narrative Dimberg wants to test the reader at many points in this novel.Everything culminates in a shocking and twisty conclusion that Dimberg works hard at building up, but for me I think it fell a little short Anyhow, I am sure many fans of the thriller genre may have a positive response to this novel.Girl in the Rearview Mirror raises many questions about the past, secrets, power and status It looks at the dichotomy of personal and professional lives, in the context of a high pressured political environment A slow burn style thriller with a strong slant towards the psychological, add this one to your list if you like to devour mystery novels, with an unreliable narrator leading proceedings Thanks extended to Pan Macmillan for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes. I won this via goodreads giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own 3.25 3.5 starsIt was a good story but for me it was mystery and suspense and light on the thriller part Maybe cause I ve read many in this drama and watch lots of Dateline on ID shrugs It kept me intrigued from beginning to end Not as sure what else to say about this it didn t blow me away but it was still a decent read. Stylish and cool, this is a thriller that examines an ordinary life subsumed and intoxicated by a world of wealth, privilege and power Superbly executed and tense to the very last page. This is a tough one to rate because it was definitely an addictive read but it still fell a little flat for me.The plot involves Finn, who works as a nanny for the Martins senator s son, Philip, his wife, Marina, and their four year old precocious bundle of sass, Amabel Naturally they re loaded and Finn benefits from this rich lifestyle, until a strange girl shows up making accusations that threaten to upset Finn s place in this opulent world.Finn is not a likeable protagonist She s got a secret past so naturally she lies about it, and she seems to have some questionable ideas of right and wrong She sticks her nose into everything unashamedly and has no problem with lying Personally I hate lying so she and I were never going to get along Especially when her lies are ridiculous and pointless So frustrating.Philip is a sleaze, and clearly a terrible husband, and I feel like there s a lot of issues there that were never properly brought to light He s got an interesting past, too, but it s messy and never really explained with any kind of satisfying explanation.Amabel is a petty, lying, mean child who is rude and abrupt and spoiled and congrats to Finn for dealing with her on a daily basis She s four but she acts way bratty than you d expect I did not care for her at all.Bryant seems perfect so you know he s definitely not, but Finn still treats him like crap when he s being a good dude which was pretty confusing Their entire relationship confused me Also, what was up with Guy What was he even doing in this book Then you ve got Iris who shows up to make trouble, and Finn seemed to constantly shift between being on Iris s side and wanting to kill her Make up your mind, girl Iris is a trouble maker, but the reasons are pretty cloudy.Honestly, these characters are just all kinds of messed up, which I guess works for a thriller because I trusted none of them They were all jerks in their own special way but it was a little sad to not have someone I really connected to Made me feel quite detached when all the drama started, because I didn t have an emotional stake in any of it But if you like twisted characters that are rife with moral ambiguity, you should get a kick out of this.This is one of those books where nothing is what you expect, but instead of it making for a tense, mind blowing unravelling, it just feels tangled and messy with an ending that kind of fizzles out The drama starts strong with lots of clues and red herrings but by the time we get to the last few chapters it s way too drawn out and you just want it to be over already Imagine builders spend weeks digging deep so they can build solid, supportive foundations for a towering skyscraper but then when it comes time to actually build on top they decide to go with a boring, one storey 3 bedder This is what this story felt like to me So much pointless history Still, it did keep me interested the whole time because I wanted to know what the heck was actually going on So it s not like it was boring.As far as thrillers go, it kept me hooked but was ultimately a disappointing conclusion It was easy and fast but it slows down around the halfway mark then kind of fizzles into a strangely convoluted ending I enjoyed reading it, but the story was a little too sprawling and weak.It wasn t a total loss, though, and it was a fun way to spend a day I enjoyed being sucked in to the point where I couldn t stop reading and I d definitely read from this author Hopefully we just get better characters and a stronger story next time With thanks to Macmillan for an ARC 2.5 sFinn Hunt previously named Natalie was after a fresh start when she arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, but she had no idea how her life would change When Philip Martin hired her to be nanny to his four year old daughter, Finn was secretly thrilled about her entry into the privileged world of a Senator s son and his high society wife And she quickly adored Amabel the fit into the family felt right But when a young woman was noticed, first by Amabel she s following me and then by Finn, things began to fracture.The secrets that had been buried by Finn and the Martins threatened to rise to the surface The pressure was on with the re election on everyone s minds politics, secrets and lies not a combination for success Girl in the Rearview Mirror is the debut novel by Kelsey Rae Dimberg and is touted as a twisty, page turning thriller I m afraid it fell flat for me I had trouble getting into it the characters seemed superficial and I had no liking for them A disappointing read unfortunately.With thanks to Pan Macmillan AU for my ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.