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FREE é 地獄楽 4 Í 仙人の住まう島にて無罪放免の条件となる仙薬を探す道中、老いず、死なず、不思議な力を使う、圧倒的な存在である天仙と遭遇し、次々と倒れていく死罪人と執行人たち。果たして天仙を倒す術はあるのか!? そして画眉丸は無事に妻の元へ帰れるのか…!? 生死を悟る忍法浪漫活劇、第四巻──!! The battles, the fighting, and the thrilling mystery continue in the third volume of Hell's Paradise.The group was separated at the end of the last volume and the trails continue in this volume Gabimaru was saved by Mei and now the two battle Fuchi and Tamiya while still facing the threat of Tensen and their guards Readers learnabout the elixir of life and the power behind the Tensen Hoko isrevealing of the islander's past while Senta makesconnections between the mix of religions And there is stillto come with Toma and Aza Chobe surviving the pit The Tensen is concerned with humans on the island and takes direct actions to prevent them from doingharm This volume spent enough time with the three plots Although Nurugai and Shion had a brief cameo in the volume, The suspense is building and there isto come in the next volume! Einfach wieder richtig gut! Mag es, wie langsam alle die Macht der Götter verstehen lernen und über sich hinaus wachsen Außerdem hat es mein Liebling auf das Cover geschafft und is auch im Band richtig badass xD xD xD