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Still a strange series but also a fascinating one Got hit with the feels with this volume too; this author really knows how to tug at your heartstrings. This manga is breaking my heart :( This continues to be a strange journey that I can't get enough of So last we had our creature who became both man and wolf talk So now him, March, and Parona all go together to a city like nothing they've seen before It's filled with life, people, and so many things that March can't get enough The story begins to lean into a fish out of water situation when something horrible happens and takes the group to a new place Remember that big bear? Well he's also back in a big way! This series continues to make you feel the emotion of characters that you may only get 80100 pages of It's so captivating to feel for characters like that and the way the storytelling does it so flawlessly honestly makes me jealous The art is great with some action scenes that are high up there on holy shit level The ending is the only strange part, as it feels out of place? Or out of nohwere maybe, but the series is still extremely captivating A 4 out of 5. I like this book, but I think it hates me.I finished this one confused, but in a good way I'm still fuzzy on what is happening and why it is happening, but I want it to keep happening There is plenty of excitement with an attempted prison break and much fighting, but there is also a devastating development, much like in the first book But how can you not like a story with a wolf and a giant bear? 4.5/5 starsWhat is up with this manga series and making me cry? Don't know whatto say about this one I flew through it and now really want to read the rest of the series. Gorgeous art a weirdly compelling, fantastical, rip your heart out storyline Does anyone know how many volumes this will run? |DOWNLOAD EPUB ☣ 不滅のあなたへ 2 ♶ 何者かによって”球”がこの地上に投げ入れられた。情報を収集するために機能し、姿をあらゆるものに変化させられるその球体は死さえも超越する。ある日、少年と出会い、そして別れる。光、匂い、音、暖かさ、痛み、喜び、哀しみ……刺激に満ちたこの世界を彷徨う永遠の旅が始まった。これは自分を獲得していく物語。彼に“フシ”と名前をつけたのは、オニグマ様への捧げ物に選ばれたニナンナの少女マーチ。少女たちと共にヤノメに囚われたフシはママになることを夢見るマーチの側で刺激を受けながら成長していく。そんな中、マーチを助けるために少女パロナはヤノメからの脱出計画を練っていた。希望を抱く少女たちからフシは一体何を獲得するのか。これは自分の未来を選択する物語。 4.5 stars Truly a unique and engaging manga Mystery, magic and heartbreak swirl around Fushi as his journey of growth continues with encounters both thrilling and heart wrenching. Heartwrenching and engrossing Ooima knows exactly how to move her readers to tears and create amazing characters.