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BizarreWhat a odd book, back and forth, past and present, fantasy and reality I will readto see if the disjointed begins to make sense. Just amazing. simply amazing! I loved this book and I recommended it to anyone who loves ready about fantasy with a lot of action and a bit of romance in it as well I really enjoyed how the book had two different time periods that intertwined with each other Beginning in 1980 all within an isolated island, the story had set the mood already by having an important scene start it off Then leading into present time of 2016, you start to question whether the character the book mentions in New York City is the same as the one from the 80s This book is amazing and would definitely be worth your while to read if you love fantasy, action, and romance all in one! @Free Kindle õ Beginnings (Ahe'ey, #1) õ EPISODE SERIES PRAISE: A thoughtful look at empowerment for women A rollicking trip into a fantasy world complete with dragons, love and strength, and ideas that really get you thinking Highly recommended for all ages SERIES AWARDS:Reader's FavoriteGold Medal Winner Young AdultFantasyEpicCIPA EVVY Book Awardsnd PlaceFictionMythologySERIES DESCRIPTION:Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover She is a feisty, slightly preachy, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination Sounds like a dream, but it may, in fact, turn into a nightmare The world of the Ahe'ey challenges and subverts her views about gender, genes, and nature versus nurtureThe strong and uninvited chemistry between her and the dashing Gabriel makes matters even complicated His stunning looks keep shortcircuiting her rational mind QUOTESEPISODE :She believed in magic—the magic of places, the magic of people, the magic of coincidences, serendipity, and fortune She enjoyed wandering through the world with the open mind and curiosity of a fouryearold child In her world the mystical, mythical, and magical inhabited the same space and time as the ordinary and the practical At Bethesda Terrace, she always felt close to a source of magic and creativity It was as if she were tapping into the place where dragons, angels, gods, sorceresses, and demons came to lifethe pursuit and preservation of purity can drive prejudice and hate Many crimes against humanity have been committed in its name Purity is best applied to water”“Like the bronze statue of the Angel of the Waters, those who pursue perfection find themselves paralysed by the possibility of flaw, fault or failure”She killed him instantly The young woman plunged her hand into his wound and licked the blood Once again, she dipped her hand into the blood and used four fingers to paint stripes on her face Sky’s defiant eyes locked on IblisAway from the Sacred House, from his family, and from the comforts and privileges of the royal apparatus, the boy relied only on himself and on the few Ange’el that watched over them The densest and most remote valley of the Ahe’ey forest was now their home—a haven from the devastating war that ravaged the landEDITORIAL REVIEWSCOMPLETE SERIESIn this romantic tale, a champion of women's empowerment stumbles on a hiddenand seemingly perfectsociety A bracing mix of emotionally and intellectually honest fantasyKirkus ReviewsA compelling and creative work of paranormal romance Le Fey takes her characters to places seldomly seen in fantasy fiction that readers will find empowering and prescient Ahe'ey is a fairly polarizing book As an example of feminist fantasy fiction, you won’t find much better than this Ahe’ey is an impressively thoughtout story, with many original touches and a fairylike romance that will deeply satisfy readers of the genre SelfPublishing Review, ★★★★ This book is a thoughtful look at empowerment for women At the same time, it's a rollicking trip into a fantasy world complete with dragons, love and strength, and ideas that really get you thinking This book is highly recommended for all agesHUGEOrangeThey're flawed, real, and honest characters that can be easily related to Ahe'ey is the kind of novel society needs to read, to create inspiration and to make people think Ahe'ey is daring, complex, and honest A mustread novel that tackles heavy and real topics with a mix of serious and humorous, charm and tragedyReader's Favorite★★★★★ Ahe'ey contains a richly imagined world that raises complicated and timely questions about our own Jamie Le Fay's Ahe'ey is an actionpacked love story that puts forth a nuanced vision of gender stereotypes, body politics, and the dark side of seeking perfectionForeword Clarion★★★★OTHER PRAISEJamie is a fine writer with a rich imagination and is able to convey her strong feelings about women’s rights, feminism, gender equality and other important matters of injustice, primarily because she keeps us involved with the characters of her strong story”Grady Harp,Hall of Fame TopReviewer, Vine Voice★★★★★ As a liberal and committed feminist who is increasingly frustrated by the simplistic selfrighteousness of my own side, and the belief that all that is needed is for a few smart people to start a revolution, I found Ahe'ey to be refreshingly multisided, while also maintaining its core beliefs”EP Clark, Author★★★★ There is really something special about this book Something genuinely interesting and slightly disturbing that made me thinking The author created a compelling and enchanting world full of mystical, mythical and magical creatures A very intriguing vivid world that hooked me from the beginning Sometimes I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book, and I loved it Loved It J’ai adoré I can’t wait to start the next book.Do you believe in angels, Morgan?I believe in working towards their virtuestemperance, health, peace and purity She pointed to the four cherubim that represented those virtues at the base of the fountain Well, she smiled mischievously, maybe not purity.Gabriel lowered his eyes and frowned Yes, the pursuit and preservation of purity can drive prejudice and hate Many crimes against humanity have been committed in its name Purity is best applied to water.She nodded as he spoke True Virtues like modesty or chastity are also related to purity, and are used as an excuse to promote violence against women and girls and limit their rights and freedoms She paused for a moment admiring the Angel Aesthetically and functionally, I love the idea of winged humanlike creatures masterly carved out of stone and brought to life by magic Look at her, so perfect; she'll stay here, frozen in time, beautiful, majestic and flawless If only people could be this perfect As she looked into his eyes, she realized that the statue couldn't compete with the splendor of the man in front of her Inside and out, she said abruptly, fighting against her shallow feelings I wish people could be this perfect inside and out.Happy reading!An addicted reader.Follow my favorite books on Instagram@readonthedarkside If you’re at all not interested in political dogma, then don’t read this series This definitely delves into the realm of feminism and it’s ideas of men are evil rapists knuckle dragger’s and women can solve everything on their own.I don’t mind if the author had just “shown” that women are powerful and the men are evil, but they don’t, they tell you and make sure you know that is their point of view The book describes an interview on Fox News (of course, where else?) where the protagonist is being interviewed and is attacked by the other guest and the host verbally without much basis for their argument Which she of course deflects with composure and aplomb.Later on a bunch of evil men raid a village and rape the Royal women so their “blood” is no longer pure or something… Didn’t make much sense to me since if a child was born from that encounter, yeah it might not be pure, but other children could be Unless once the woman is defiled in that way all her children there after are no longer pure? But then that would imply that old stereotype of a unclean woman who sleeps around was true in this case… I dunno, there is some mental gymnastics going on there that I’m not following.This book wasn’t listed onin the Romance section, but I feel it almost needs to be Quite a few paragraphs are devoted to the protagonist basically drooling all over a male character where the author goes into heavy detail of every part of him I got bored and annoyed quickly by this since I really dislike Romance books I mean seriously dislike.I have twoof these volumes, but at this point I’m not sure I want to read them, it’s obviously not written with me in mind I probably will to give the story a bitof a chance but it may be awhile.It has DRM, so I have to subtract a point for that. A shift from the norm, different.Le Fay perfectly executed an extraordinary work of literary art in Ahe'ey It's a dream to actionadventure fans, a nightmare to boring novel addicts It's just the closest to an epic fastpaced action movie I practically watched this episode as its narration was too vivid to the senses.I was especially drawn to the story and narration, I was hooked and can't wait to get started on the next episode I wouldn't have forgiven the author if this wasn't a series.It's a brilliant wonder of literary art. There's so much political dogma to set up and instead of the author showing you the situations, she tells you what you're supposed to know If I wanted to be told what to think, I'd go to watch Fox News I strongly struggled to get into the story with this one, and I thought since it was a beginning book that I would try the next two to see if it gets better since many people posted that on their reviews. Good concept poor executionThis had great potential all poor editing did it a disservice Some of the writing seemed like a teenager trying to write like an adult, it felt unnatural Going on with the series hopeful the writing will rise to meet the story. Fiction is the best way to reflect on issues that affect society today The battle of the genders in Ahe’ey does a great job at making us think about gender, sexual orientation and body image while immersing ourselves in a world that is different from our own but quite realistic The Ahe’ey grapple with the same issues under a different set of rules that is somewhat familiar to our world Flawed characters have plenty of room to grow and the villains are as compelling and detailed as the protagonists In fact, the villain is my favourite character This is a series, each episode is about an hour read, so you must be the type that enjoys waiting for a new episode to be released each month They are worth the wait. It was intriguing Must read other episodes to have a full picture of it.