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(((Download))) ⇧ The Fringe of District 24「二十四丁目の周辺」 ⇲ What lies outside of The Fringe No one has ever made it to the edge of the World or made it back to tell the story For Districts Shizuka and Yuji, they ve always dreamed of reaching the edge of the world But what exactly is the World Who constructed it Why did they build it What was outside of its walls An epic journey into the unknown, to test the limits of humanity and the reason for existenceAn exciting new fantasy and sci fi cell phone novel saga from Takatsu, author of first English cell phone novel in the West, Secondhand Memories and apocalypse cell phone novel, All s Well That Ends WellRead on serial ongoing online publishing platform Textnovel date of completion October ALL CURRENT PROJECTS information about cell phone novels see or watch the documentaryTakatsu