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Some of the plots start to unfurl We knew Heller wanted the Cadillac Brougham Coup d’Elegance because it was a gas hog Being a racing fan, he sets out to run 1,000 lap race without refueling a gas hog.Also, yet to be reveled, Utanc is not a simple Kara Kum Desert girl And has Soltan Gris wrapped around her little finger Drugs are missing from the Apparatus base in Turkey (and I bet this stops when she's gone) She speaks multiple languages like a native and is obviously world traveled She's a conartist, but we still don't realize the whole story.As for Soltan Gris, he's a blithering idiot This is where the story goes awry How can a man rise to be second in charge of the most powerful agency on Voltar, and be a blithering idiot? Simple it's easier to write that way Being the victim of bad luck over and over again requires forethought and style L.Ron Hubbard is normally better than this using a simple he's stupid excuse.The only redeeming value in this book is the creative names for people and companies We noticed L Ron Hubbard doesn't like psychology, but now we see how much he hates oil companies and the press.Don't expect any closure in this book It'slike, Oh, look I wrote 332 pages Time to stop writing and sell another book Pathetic. Hubbard has a big problem with psychiatrists31 March 2012 When we are dealing with a series of ten novels, particularly a series that was read so long ago, the entire series seems to morph into a single book that I can vaguely remember Some people seemed to have liked these books but most of the readers that have commented on them have indicated otherwise I have never really been a big fan of such long running series, though the only other one I read was The Wheel of Time, which I gave up on once I reached the seventh book However, unlike Robert Jordan, it seems that Hubbard had originally set out to write ten books in his series whereas Jordan had an idea but the idea did not seem to be all that well constructed which resulted in his series becoming bogged down in detail, and then he died I won't go too far into discussing such problems here but I would like discuss psychology and the professions in general I say that because Hubbard does have some serious problems with psychology, psychiatry, and marketing I will leave marketing for now as there is a lot to be said about this discipline, but I will suggest that I can see the connection, despite me believing that the connection is a little tenuous The problem I think is that there is a belief that these three particular professions are manipulative and work to make us become confirmed to society: Psychology through behavioural training and psychiatry through the use of drugs Granted, these two professions seek to assist people integrate into society, and this, in a way, is not a bad thing If you find yourself before a psychiatrist there is usually some reason, but I do have a littleconcerns with this medical profession since there is the use of mindaltering drugs, and having been down that road in the past (through the use of recreational pharmaceuticals) I do have concerns with regards to psychiatry's extensive use of drugs There is still an awful lot that we do not know about the human mind and in a way while using psychiatric drugs (which covers a whole different gamut of drugs) is a lot better than simply shocking people or cutting out parts of their brain, I still feel that we don't really understand to consequences of these actions It seems to be a process of clouding the brain and the mind so that one can feel good about themselves MDMA does that by releasing serotonin to give the user (oh, MDMA is an illegal drug, commonly known as ecstasy) not only a high, but makes them feel really happy and very confident Unfortunately the crash can be substantially worse (and people have committed suicide during the crash, though most users become incredibly moody) The psychotropic drugs tend to be a lot less potent, but once again generally requires regular consumption for them to work Psychology is a different story because it is not a medical discipline, it is an allied health discipline (meaning you do not need a medical degree to practice, though these days in Australia you are highly unlikely to get a job as a psychologist without a master's degree) The whole purpose (and you have probably seen images of people lying on a couch spouting their problems to the psychologist) is for the psychologist to help you work through your concerns and help to train the way you think so as to banish the bad thoughts and focus on the good Now it is not about being too optimistic, we must be realistic, but we cannot be too pessimistic either In many cases it depends on the capability of the psychologist as their whole purpose is to never see you again If you get to the point where you walk out the door and sign off, and then go and live a full and productive life, then the psychologist has succeeded They generally give you encouragement, support, help you overcome your own mental barriers, and assist you in building up a sense of self confidence Now, I suspect that there are groups and organisations that do not like that because the whole profession seems to be designed to help one accept who they are and to ignore those of other opinions, and when one begins to accept who they are, it destroys the power that others may have over you It is dangerous because when we realise that we have control over our lives, others who attempt to interpose themselves into our lives will begin to have problems manipulating us to their will One of the most common tactics that is used is the doctrine of sin Now, I believe in the doctrine of sin, as did the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians I believe that as humans we have been corrupted and live selfish and destructive lives We care little about others and only seek to do that which benefits ourselves In short we have rejected God, but, God has intervened in this universe and though an atoning sacrifice, has freed us from guilt and cleansed us of our sins We stand before God perfect and righteous, however that does not mean that we go on sinning, by no means, because what is the point of having a shower when we are only going to throw ourselves back into the mud However, once we understand the grace of God, the power that sin has over us is broken But, people do not like that, they love to preach grace but not live it When we are free from sin we are free indeed, and indeed we are free from the control that others may seek to have over us through sin When I say that it is not those of us who profess with our mouths and believe in our hearts, but rather those who, while understanding grace, do not wish to show it to others It is much like the parable of the unmerciful servant He has a debt that is too huge to pay, so he begs for forgiveness and receives it, and when somebody else comes with a debt to him, he incarcerates him and punishes him It is like that in that while our sin before God has been cleaned, we need to forgive and show patience to the little things that may be done to us However, I have written too much on this anyway, so I will move on for now. Take all ten of these books and boil 'em down all night no, leave it on the burner for a whole week Reduce it too a thick dense sticky sauce And still, this will have very little flavour.There was the seed of a decent parody in there within the first two books then the joke was over The joke became, let's make it ten books, just so we could call it a dekalogy. Horrible The less said about this one the better. I was hoping that since the previous book was a bit better than the first book in the series, L Ron Hubbard's 1986 novel Mission Earth, Book 03: The Enemy Within would be a bit better than that Nope Unfortunately, this book focuses almost entirely on Soltan Gris instead of on Jettero Heller Worse, Hubbard seems to have doubleddown on the comicbooklike prose So, in a nutshell, the book really doesn't go anywhere and is even painfully silly Officially, I'm rating it an an OK 3 stars out of 5 But, if I could, I'd drop it down half a star to 21/2 stars. Wow! I read it 4 times now Just amazing It has everything Aliens, the CIA, FBO, Rockefeller, the Illuminati, Mafia, Nazis, KGB, finances, the stock market, Wal street, PR, press, fake news, media, Homosexuality, sex, politics, intergalactic warfare earth in its fullest picture YOU NAME IT It is there! The hero is awesome, and his girl is a bombshell (but you better do not mess with her) It is all there everything you would ever want from such an Epic! A 1.1 million words series 996 characters in 10 volumes! Wow! Fantastic! I lost a lot of sleep! It is that good! Eh This one started out better than the previous two and then took a dice halfway in This one didn’t even seem a complete arc Maybe better than the second book, but only because I was enjoying itat the start. *DOWNLOAD EPUB ✗ The Enemy Within ↠ Earthlings: Beware!Do you know who your enemies are?Your neighbor? Your boss? Your butcher? Your wife?Only the Voltarians know for sure They’ve successfully infiltrated our little world—and it may never be the same They walk among us They work among us And they’re making themselves right at home, prepping the planet for a power play unlike any you’ve ever seen beforeIn this web of espionage, intrigue and betrayal, even Voltarian Royal Combat Engineer Jettero Heller doesn’t know who he can trust He’s hard at work creating a gasoline substitute to fuel his ’ Caddy in a Long Island automobile race—a development that could have dramatic consequences for the entire human race As such, he poses a grave threat to the powers that beNow, his treacherous fellow Voltarian, Soltan Gris, has formed a secret alliance with a cabal that includes a dirty DC politician, a ruthless billionaire industrialist and a mysterious media madman Their mission: terminate Jettero HellerBeset by doublecrossing body doubles and backstabbing identity shifters, Heller discovers that the most dangerous battle of all is about to beginagainst THE ENEMY WITHIN “A must buy ” —AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION This story was much better then the prior two books Hoping this is a trend for future stories in the series. too much sex.