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Comprehensive biography of Greene s life interesting man who had much to consider about entering public life as a Quaker Tough to read in parts. *READ E-PUB ⇮ Forgotten Patriot: The Life & Times of Major-General Nathanael Greene ✖ A Biography of one of Americas first hero s Nathanael Greene was a Quaker from Rhode Island who abandoned his religious upbringing and strived to learn than only what he found in his own backyard Educated by some of the greatest minds of the late eighteenth century, as well as be self taught, Nathanael Greene became a master of human nature, politics and military tactics As a young man he served in the Rhode Island Assembly prior to the Revolutionary War and with a fever pitched love of freedom, soon joined the members of the Sons of Liberty in their quest for independence from their oppressor, England With the onset of the Revolutionary War, Greene joined the militia as a private and rocketed to the rank of Brigadier General in less than a year He soon would be George Washington s most trusted general and the most dreaded foe the British would face in the war Contrary to what is in most history books, the war did not end in , and Greene was alone in the American struggle to oust the British from our shores For two years, Greene fought a bitterly contested war in the Southern States and ultimately emerged victorious Denouncing the call of his fellow countrymen to enter politics, Nathanael Greene chose instead to settle down with his family and live the life of a gentleman farmer on his plantation in Georgia The service and devotion Greene gave to his country has never been recognized and is long overdue This author intends to rectify that situation